Strawberry tree: How to grow, Uses, Benefits, and more

Strawberry Tree

Strawberry Tree, also known as Arbutus unedo, is an evergreen ornamental shrub. Its skin is delicate and thin with a bumpy texture. In its early stages, this beautiful little fruit is yellow. Over time, as they ripen, they take on a bright red color. 

Due to its texture, vapid and weak taste, strawberry is rarely consumed as fresh fruit. However, it adds tremendous flavor and fragrance when incorporated into jams, cakes, icing, and ice-creams. 

It is also used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Not only this, Strawberry smoothies and strawberries with yogurt are also some excellent post-workout foods that will keep you fresh and running throughout the day. 

In this article, we will look at how to grow a Strawberry tree, the uses of the Strawberry tree, exciting facts about this shrub, and finally, the benefits of strawberry tree.



Strawberry trees belong to the Ericaceae family and are a relative of the Madrone tree. Strawberry tree is known by a wide variety of names, for instance- Cane apple, Andrachne, Irish Strawberry tree, etc. Apart from being a fruitful source of Vitamin C, the strawberry tree is abundant in nutritious value. 

It contains fiber, which is very good for our digestive system. Strawberry is also a great source of beta-carotene (a red-orange colored pigment present in fruits, plants, and fungi), known for its antioxidant properties that reduce inflammation. 

Strawberry Trees have their origins in the temperate regions of Asia and Europe. The Strawberry tree can be cultivated in home gardens and backyards. It is about 5- 10 meters tall. Strawberry trees are also shade, frost, and drought tolerant. 

The dried flowers of the strawberry tree can also be used to make potpourri. It is essential to know that the fruit borne by the strawberry tree is very delicate and is easily perishable. It is best if we use them while they’re fresh.

How to grow a Strawberry tree

how to grow strawberry tree

Growing a strawberry tree is a simple process, but it will require care, proper maintenance, and patience. In this section, we'll take a look at the step-by-step method of growing a Strawberry tree.

Planting a tree

  1. First, ensure that the area where you will be planting the tree receives ample sunlight.
  2. You can either directly sow seeds or sprout them by keeping them in a wet towel overnight.
  3. Next, you have to focus on its spacing. The Strawberry tree should be at least 25 feet away from other large trees to ensure its perfect growth.
  4. This tree is drought tolerant, and too much moisture would result in stunted growth. It is advised to loosen up the soil by ploughing a little.
  5. While you’re ploughing the soil, you might as well add a little compost to give more nutrition to your tree.
  6. Now you may sow the seeds and gently press them.
  7. You may water the tree once a week for up to one or two inches.
  8. In about two years, the tree will start to bear fruit. The fruit will take an additional time of six to eight weeks to ripen.

By pruning method

pruning method

  1. Preparing the soil-

  • First off, start by placing your container in a well-lit open area.
  • You may now add an all-purpose potting mix at the bottom half of your pot/ container to give some space for the plant's roots to grow. 
  • Add some soil-based compost to ensure that your tree gets excellent nutrition.
  • It is crucial to note that you have to add potting mix and compost in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Now put in water-holding granules to the soil for extra nourishment.

2. Plantation-

  • If you have bought a plant from a nursery, you have to immerse the plant's roots in water to plant them easily.

  • The next step is to move and wheedle the roots of the plant gently. This process makes the plantation easier and ensures that the roots won’t stick together in the soil or grow properly.

  • Now, carefully sow these plants around the rim or edge of your container. It is imperative to make sure that your plants are adequately spaced. The desired space is at least 1 inch.  

  • To make sure that your plant can respirate adequately, keep the plant's root balls at least 1 inch below the rim/ edge of your container. Then they will be able to breathe and grow properly.
  • Now the final step is to cover the plant and gently press the soil around it.

Some important pre-requisites 

strawberry tree pre-requisites

The best time to grow a Strawberry tree would be April because this tree needs a warm and sunny atmosphere to grow. Strawberry trees can be grown in a few simple steps. But before that, there are some prerequisites that we need to fulfill-

1. Selecting the soil type

The strawberry tree can grow in a wide variety of soils like-

  • Acidic soil
  • Alkaline soil
  • Loamy soil
  • Moist soil
  • Sandy soil
  • Well-drained soil
  • Clay soils.

Although it can tolerate and grow in wet sites, it is preferable to plant the Strawberry tree in well-drained areas for the best results. 

2. Picking out the perfect kind of Strawberry

  • Everbearing strawberries- These strawberries have a longer growing season. They can be harvested twice, once in spring and again in autumn.
  • Day-neutral Strawberries- These are very high-quality strawberries as compared to ever-bearing strawberries. They need to be protected from frost. Other than that, they produce a high yield.
  • June bearing strawberries- This variety of strawberries bears a lot of fruit and can be harvested in a short period. They are ready to be gathered from mid-June to early July by the planting time. Overall, these are an excellent summer crop.
  • Alpine strawberries- This variety is more straightforward to plant because of its small size. So, if you want a small plant, go for it.

3. Selecting a container for your Strawberry tree

  • Earthen/ clay pot- You can buy an earthen pot for your tree. Make sure it has a hole at the bottom to drain excess water.
  • Woven basket- A more decorative option is a woven basket. You have to lay a polythene sheet inside the basket. Then, proceed further by making some holes at the bottom of the sheet to drain the excess water.

Uses and benefits of the Strawberry tree

strawberry tree uses

This tree is very versatile. It has a lot of benefits and uses in our day-to-day life. Some of these have been listed below-

  • The leaves and roots of this tree are liquefied by boiling them at high temperatures. This solution has proven to be very effective against diarrhea in Spain.
  • The strawberry plant is also helpful in beekeeping and the production of honey. The Strawberry plant is used as a bee plant in the production of honey.
  • Although strawberries are seldom eaten as fruits, they contribute substantially to the beverages, Jams, and jellies industries.
  • Strawberry is also known for its cosmetic properties.
  • Sometimes, this tree is solely grown for its ornamental purposes.
  • The Strawberry tree is ancient. It has been mentioned and praised for its antiseptic properties. Other than that, it is also a great intoxicant and is used for several tonic and astringent purposes.
  • It is widely known and used as a renal antiseptic for treating infections about the urinary system.
  • A gargle made out of strawberry is excellent for treating pharyngitis and irritated throat.
  • Due to its antiseptic properties is also used to treat respiratory problems, skin infections and allergies, scabies, and other wounds.
  • Among these diversified uses of this Tree, the production of tannin is a chief one. Tannin can be procured from the leaves, bark, and fruit of the tree.
  • Along with tannin, the leaves of this tree also contain resins and gums.
  • This tree makes excellent quality charcoal.
  • The wood gathered from this tree is used for home décor. It is widely used for making utensils, pipes, and ornaments, etc.
  • In addition to the above statement, the hardwood procured from the tree is also used as firewood or to make other tools.
  • Strawberry leaves, and fruit contains ‘arbutin,’ a chemical that prevents the formation of melanin. This property is used to lighten the dark spots on the skin.



So far, we know that the Strawberry tree is multifaceted. It is highly resourceful both for domestic uses and commercial uses. It can be grown in your backyard, rising to its full height, or it can also be grown in small baskets or containers by pruning. 

But it is also essential to know that there is still a possibility that you may make some mistakes along the way. Practicing perfection takes time. If grown cautiously and adequately taken care of, this tree would prove to be very useful in our everyday lives.


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