Pomegranate tree: Medicinal benefits, Care and How to grow

Pomegranate tree: Medicinal benefits, Care and How to grow

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Pomegranate is a red-hatched juicy fruit used for sundry purposes that we’re going to incorporate here. There’s an old saying that “One pomegranate can cure 100 people's diseases”. The scientific or botanic name of this tree is Punica granatum.

It is a sorcerer tree that can cure various diseases, used in Vastu and especially in astrology. Our mother nature provides trees for our help. But the thing of dour is that we’ve forgotten their glory.

In Ayurveda, a lot of medicinal benefits are suggested by ancient times. So in this article, we’re going to cover such topics, including services, care, Vastu, and most imperative – How to grow pomegranate trees.

So without any further ado, let’s prowess to the subject.

Pomegranate tree varieties

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According to sources, there are a total of three types of Pomegranate around the globe:

Nana: It’s a dwarf plant that grows up to 4 feet. It raises its fruit on the same size that looks utmost fascinating. You can take avail it as showcasing in indoor.

Sweet: As the name suggests, the fruits that emerged from that are delightful and admirable. Despite its taste, it’s also used for medicinal purposes.

Wonderful: The most contented variety that grows prevalent big fruits. It has been mainly witnessed in the United States.

The pomegranate tree height varies from 4 to 30 feet according to the variety. An average height is 16 Feet.

Medicinal benefits of pomegranate tree

Medicinal benefits of pomegranate tree
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Hope you’ve consolation with their medicinal benefits. There are thousands of uses opt-out by the study of Ayurveda. Inceptions say that not only in improving health but also in improving surroundings, the same tree is valuable.

Here’re just some of the uses of this tree to cure your diseases. Afore, we’ve discussed the medicinal benefits of the Persimmon tree, Rudrakshatree, and Peepal Tree.


Pomegranate is also quite valuable in cough. Take fresh or dry buds or dried leaves of pomegranate and boil 2-3 basil leaves and 1-2 grains of pepper in the instance of any cough and then boil it frequently as a tea. Taking it for a couple of days also provides relief from chronic cough.


If you're experiencing pain in your tooth, wash the pomegranate peel and produce its powder. Wash the teeth with the addition of stone salt, turmeric, and olive oil using this powder. As a result, you'll receive relief from gingivitis, and your gums are also mighty.

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If diarrhea, take the peel out of pomegranate peel and fruit of the dried vine and earn powder by taking the equivalent amount. Following that, take 1-1 tsp. of powder with plain water in the morning and day. It'll gain from diarrhea very quickly. In addition to this, pomegranate can also be beneficial for several different ailments of the gut.

Gut diseases

Individuals who have stomach issues and don't feel hungry or have fatigue drink a few roasted cumin powder and stone at pomegranate juice and beverage. After a couple of days, you’ll begin filling the gap, and the digestive system is also lovely.


When the nosebleed isn't quitting, take the juice out by crushing the pomegranate buds and placing 2-2 drops of the fluid at the nose will prevent recurring nosebleeds.

That’s okay. For just example, you can continue your further research. You’ll be shocked by knowing that trees can cure cholesterol, cancer, and blood pressure like severe diseases. So don’t forget to read the previous article, or go to the search bar of this page and type your illness. You’ll get a natural cure for that.

How to grow a pomegranate tree

How to grow a pomegranate tree
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The growing condition of this tree is specified to be grown in the summer season. The temperature requirement is above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The best suitable time to bow is just after the spring season.

After three years, you’ll be able to eat fresh fruits by plucking them off from the tree. But for achieving that, here are some significant points to be considered. Any breach can inhibit plant growth.

The distance between the trees must have to be 15 feet to give them a long rope of growth.

The well-drained soil best for cherish of the plant. However, the soil should be less wet and loose during the plantation.

As mentioned earlier, it’s a summer-friendly tree. So daily, at least 6 hours of sunlight will desperate its growth in 2x speed.

Please do not overwater the field because it may lead to poor harvesting. But yes, during the first three weeks of the plantation, enough water is highly obligatory.

The perfect pomegranate fruits are hexagonal, which’s a different level of the round shape. The completely mature fruit will become utterly red. 40 Degree Fahrenheit is the temperature at which you should store these fruits.

Tree Website never suggests using any Fertilizers and pesticides. Instead, you can use natural manure that’ll help in the faster growth of the tree and fruit.

As for technical analysis, the 5.5 to 7 pH value of soil is suggested to be best.

Sometimes, the tree doesn’t give fruits due to pollination. Hence ensure that trees get sufficient sunlight. To support fruit growth, cross-pollination works like magic.

Pomegranate tree care

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Here is some further information regarding pomegranate tree care.

As already said afore, it requires patronage of full sunlight. Whenever the temperature goes below 4 degrees Celsius, make sure to move it to a sunny place.

In the initial stages, water it intensely in 7 days. Pruning should be done frequently to remove dead branches.

There’s nothing more left to say because the rest of the crucial info has already been given in the article. Just keep an eye on these simple steps, and you can grow a whole forest of this tree with mature red fruits grown.

Pomegranate tree Vastu

Pomegranate tree Vastu
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Pomegranate tree astrology has been running for decades. If you’re one of the folks who believe in them, then here’s an accolade for you.

These days, particular care is required of Vastu principles while constructing a home. Since if a house is built based on Vastu, it attracts joy and prosperity.

But do you understand that in Vastu Shastra, there are lots of these straightforward steps, by embracing which you can bring peace in your house?

It's been advised in Vastu Shastra. We must plant a pomegranate plant within our residence. People that are produced away from home, so the doorways of your fortune can start.

If the pomegranate plant is present in the home, then the planetary flaws are eliminated, and enjoyment and prosperity have been attained. It's deemed auspicious to place it out of the house from the igneous direction.

A pomegranate won't make anyone ill. It's started! Pomegranate is a tasty and healthy fruit.

This fruit is valuable in cardiovascular disease, coagulation, and vomiting. A pomegranate tree of bare caste shouldn't be at home.

Pomegranate blossom shouldn't be implanted from the southwest direction.

It's thought that by dipping a pomegranate blossom in honey and devoting it to Lord Shiva each Monday, the worst of all sufferings will be taken off.

Pomegranate tree for sale

Pomegranate tree for sale
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In this digital era, nothing has left to the world that is not available on the internet. Many merchants sell this tree on e-commerce websites like nursery live, big basket, Flipkart, etc.

So it’s straightforward to purchase one of them through the internet. But in converse, you want to buy it wholesale. Then you can visit your local market.

The good news for Indian readers is that IndiaMart has offered wholesale purchasing of this tree. The rest of you have to do research bit on your own through search engines.

It’d also be good if you visit a local nursery in your area because you can check the quality of the plant yourself.

You can touch, feel, and compare the local market that gives it an edge against the internet market.

The pomegranate fruits are readily available, but more meticulous has been required if you want to grow them from seed.

Always try to get a plant. If you want, then Nana (Dwarf plant) would also be a relevant alternative.


So finally you are here! First of all, thank you for stay connected till the last. Very few did. If you are here, that means you’re serious about this tree. So everything is debunked.

Almost every corner has been covered, including the superstition part of Vastu Shastra. So I hope you’ve found this article informative.

Still, if you’ve any questions regarding the article, please notify us by sounding off in the comments section. Also, if you’ve any suggestions, feedback, or want us to write on a specific tree, they do the same.

To culminate, the paternity of the plant is dependent on the cherished you did. So if required, then reread the caring section. It takes almost three years to grow fruits. Don’t forget to share this with your known ones so that they’ll also get to know about the fantastic works of Mother Nature.


If you've any query, then let us know by sounding off in comments section

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