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Rudraksha tree: Rudraksha tree types, Benefits, and Right way to wear

Rudraksha tree: Rudraksha tree types, Benefits, and Right way to wear

Rudraksha tree is a sacred tree widely famous in India. This tree has unique qualities, and its fruit called Rudraksha is used for worshipping and chanting mantras.

Rudraksha tree

Apart from religion, it’s also for spiritual upliftment that we’ll discuss in further paras. There are approximately 16 types of Rudraksha.

It has several spiritual as well as scientific benefits also. Apart from that, Ayurveda (The most ancient and trustworthy medical science) claims to have many medicinal uses.

And in this article, we’ll cover every aspect of this fantastic tree. So without wasting your time, let’s dive into the ocean of Tree Website.

Rudraksha types

As you can see in the picture, there are 16 Rudraksha types with minor differences between them. They were named from one Mukhi to sixteen Mukhi, respectively.

Rudraksha types

How to grow Rudraksha tree

We have already discussed that how you can grow Hibiscus, Sycamore, Mulberry, and Teak tree. It’s time for Rudraksha.

Well, growing any plant requires some basic steps to be considered, like Propagation and selecting soil type and place.

First of all, if you’re buying a plant, then well and good, but in contrast, you want to bow rudraksha tree seeds. Don’t forget to break in from mid before planting.

How to grow Rudraksha tree

The best climate condition for the growth of this plant is 35 degrees Celsius. It mainly grows in the Himalayan regions.

Choose manure-rich soil for the plantation. Dig a hole almost 20 inches in height and 8 inches wide.

In terms of watering, it requires at least two times water in a day, otherwise once. After a time when the tree gets matured, there’ll be no watering issue in winter.

So here you’ve successfully planted this tree, now let’s discuss some important and benefits of Rudraksha.

Importance and benefits

There are a myriad number of benefits to the Rudraksha tree. Here are some importance mentioned based on scientific theories.

Health benefits of rudraksha tree
There’s no question about the spiritual benefits, but here we touch on some scientific part. You would guess about the knowledge of our ancestors.

It can cure psychosis, blood load, epilepsy, mania, craving, fever, leprosy, eruption, liver disorder, and antipyretic.

Its fruits are acidic, hot, bitter, and valuable. It's extermination, aphrodisiac, hysterical, childlike, and aphrodisiac. Its seeds are all pesticides and wellness preservatives.

  • Rubbing Kantha Mala-Rudraksha in warm water and applying it into the throat is valuable in Kanthamala.
  • Consumption of seed powder is valuable in migraines and heartburn.
  • Grinding Rudraksha with lentil milkweed and swallowing it assists in curbing lentil.
  • Rudraksha is utilized in treating insinuations, insomnia, and convulsions.
  • Acne-Rudraksha, squeezing it with milk and implementing it on the face, redness has been ruined.
  • Blood pressure - Rudraksha's touch with all the body keeps blood pressure, enthusiasm, cardiovascular disease, etc., under management.
  • Grinding the veggies of dah-rudraksha is carried out by extinguishing dah (burning sensation).
  • Shirorhoga-Rudraksha seed powder is employed in treating cerebral palsy (psychological weakness) and spleen.
  • Bile disease - Rubbing Rudraksha in milk is valuable in bile ailments.
  • Grinding Rudraksha and adding honey, and implementing it on the skin reduces psoriasis and rectal lentils.
  • The usage of the pulp of Manasvikar-Rudraksha berry is valuable in epilepsy.

benefits of wearing rudraksha
Apart from that, the wearer attracts positive vibration towards themselves. It’s beneficial to improve concentration, positivity, control blood pressure, enhances brain capabilities, and so on.

As it has sundry of innumerable benefits, one should wear it to take all the help.

But yes, you also have to learn the correct way to wear it; otherwise, it’d be non-beneficiary or contradictory. (Don’t worry, we’ll cover that part also)

Rudraksha tree facts

Here are some unique facts about this tree that will again attract your attention:

Rudraksha tree facts

  • There’re over three hundred species of this tree, whereas India has only 13 species.
  • As it grows in a narrow space, it still has produced 3000 meters above the actual sea level.
  • A single tree produces almost two thousand seeds.

Rules of wearing Rudraksha

If you want to join the Rudraksha army with Tree Website, then here are some conditions you must follow; otherwise, it’ll be no more beneficial for you. In this section, we include all ancient sayings, spirituality, modern science, and ancient science.

Rules of wearing Rudraksha

First of all, a Rudraksha wearer must be moral and pure. As its duty is to attract positive vibrations, if you produce negative energies throughout your body, then it’d be a loss for you.

According to religious people, the wearer has to be completely vegetarian. It’d be better if they leave all negative attitudes like lying or abusing. You can feel the benefits in less than a month.

One story I want to share is that I had a religious friend and a bad boy. He wears a locket of Rudraksha and behaving abnormally. He is controlling his anger and abuses that he’s holding since day.

We were at school. He is asking for leave in every period and not leaving any moment to go alone. Once, we decided to follow him without his knowing. The funniest part of the day was taking off that Rudraksha and starting abuses speedily like he is singing a Rap song.

Ha-ha! If you have the same diseases, then avoid wearing them. Otherwise, as a serious note, it has the capability to change your life and manifest your desires.

Let’s come back to the topic! It should be worn near the heart, on the neck, or the wrist. It’d be more beneficial if you wear it on the neck and it touches the heart region.

The fruit ratio should be maintained as 36 for the neck, 12 for the neck, and 108 for the heart.

(The Number 108 is beneficial and in use for millions of years as per Indian manuscripts. Also, Nikola tesla used the 3-6-9 manifest technique in his life. So if the most genius person of human history can, then who we are. 1+0+8 is equal to 9)

Once someone asked Einstein how it feels to be the most intelligent person on the planet, He replied, I don’t know, you must ask Nikola Tesla.

Where Can You Find Rudraksha

Where Can You Find Rudraksha

In India, Rudraksha can be found chiefly in Himalayan regions. But there are so many states that have enough quantity, such as:

  • Rameswaram
  • Bengal
  • Haridwar
  • Uttaranchal
  • Nilgiri
  • Mysuru
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Assam
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Garhwal
  • Dehradun
  • Gangotri and
  • Yamunotri

Now you’re going to be amazed because something is shocking. Even after that many states, India is a great importer of Rudraksha. This business runs over millions.

Indonesia, Malaysia, and Nepal are significant suppliers. The rudraksha tree in Nepal is a bit bigger, known as the “Ek Mukhi rudraksha tree,” hence remains in demand.

Precaution before purchasing

There is a fruit called Bhadraksha that looks very similar to Rudraksha. Because of this, 80 percent of rudraksha found in India are fake.

Now the question is that How can you check that it is accurate or fake. The AGAIN shocking way that forces you to worship Gods.

·         Take one Rudraksha tree fruit and lay it between two coins. Make sure your fingers are pressure are not blocking it. Surprisingly you’ll see the magic from your naked eyes! Rudraksha is rotating like a tornado.

·         If you take one glass of poisoned water and hang the Rudraksha above it, Again, it starts rotating. One of the reasons why our ancestors were great people.

If you wear a fake one, you’ll not receive any benefit from it. So be aware to find the original rudraksha tree!

Spiritual uses

Spiritual uses of rudraksha

After reading till yet, you’re finally starting to believe in spirituality. And why not! It’s the most significant branch of science.

“If science start researching on non-physical instead of physical, It’ll develop thousand times more in just 100 years than it has developed in last million” – Nikola Tesla

I want to share with you that the “Surya Siddhanta Book” is millions of years old, according to people. And if not, then still its written publication is composed in 800 CE. The law of gravity, theory of relativity, Time delusion, and numerous scientific discoveries are already mentioned here.

Even that the Size of Mars and the year count (365 Days a year) is accurately equal to the current scientific discoveries, so become open-minded wisely, and do your research instead of believing whatever is displayed in mind programming device, sorry I mean Television. (Tell-lie-vision)

You can read the article of ISHA foundation by Sadhguru to get more knowledge about the Spiritual benefits of rudraksha by clicking here.


So finally, you are here! Hope you’ve enjoyed my way of matching Modern science and spiritual science with logic. Suppose you’re here, then a very warm congratulations to you because today you’ve opened the lid of your brain.

Hope you’ve found this article informative and valuable. You can share it with other people so that their lid of the brain also re-open. If you’ve any questions regarding this article, please let us know by sounding off in the comments section.


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