Mulberry Tree: Types, Medicinal benefits, how to grow, and where to buy

Mulberry Tree: Someone said that Time spent among trees is never time wasted. Trees are the vital mode of survival of the biological race. Ever since the earth has originated, trees have helped our survival, either eating fruits or cutting woods for fire or home. But due to some propaganda, now people have forgotten the true meaning of trees.

mulberry tree

Trees are still the same essential as it was millions of years ago. It contains thousands of medical properties enough to kill the most dangerous diseases, even cancer. Just like this, today we are going to talk about the mulberry tree. Please don’t skip it out otherwise;, you’ll deduct a great piece of knowledge from your life. So without any further ado, let’s read it out.

What is Mulberry Tree?

the mulberry tree

God in the whizzing of a pleasant wind shall march upon the tops of mulberry trees

Mulberry tree, aka Morus, is an underrated tree having several medical and health benefits. It contains a massive history within it. Their specialty can recognize the leaves and fruits of this tree.

There are different variety of mulberry tree:

  • White Mulberry Tree
  • Red Mulberry Tree
  • Fruitless Mulberry Tree
  • Dwarf Mulberry Tree
  • Black Mulberry Tree, etc.

All varieties consist of some of their uniqueness, as the name suggests. Above all, the dwarf mulberry tree is a tiny-sized tree that you can seed in a small flowerpot, as it doesn’t grow after a specific height. The white, red and black ones are just a different variety of Colours.

This tree is especially famous in the United States. Apart from that, it’s known as shahtoot (शहतूत) in India. 

There are a lot of medical benefits of this tree that we’ll discuss in further paras.

What does a mulberry tree look like

If you want to identify a tree, then the first step is to consider leaves. The mulberry leaves are oval in shape, lobed, and a bit notched. After that, The mulberry tree height varies on different species.

The white one has the highest growth potential, up to 80 feet, red 70 feet, and black on is just for 30 feet. But the contradiction here is that the black ones live for the most – 100 years span whether red lives are 25 years less.

What does a mulberry tree look like

When I went to my village to my maternal grandmother's house at a young age, I remember that day. All my brothers and I climbed to the mulberry tree to collect and eat the tree's fruits. The first time when I saw them, I thought it’s a bug, but later realized that it’s an eatable fruit.

The mulberry fruits have different types: the long one, round in shape, and the collective spherical-shaped fruits. The one I had eaten was the long one – Dark red, green, and red as by their maturity.

Also, when I had changed my school in class 7, our class was on the top floor of that school, where a mulberry tree was there. We use to pluck them in lunch or bunk period. Our principal used to yell at us for this.

How to grow mulberry trees?

If you are interested in planting this tree, there are some crucial factors to be considered. First of all, choose a perfect location. Black mulberry trees must be grown in alkaline soil; well, that’s an exception. Other species should be developed on any land which receives proper sunlight and must have rich soil.

How to grow mulberry trees?

Plant it in a place that’s at least 20 feet different from any other tree so that it will receive the proper ingredients it requires to grow. If you regularly give water twice a day, you can notice its growth in front of your eyes.

The dwarf mulberry tree is the best option to plant if you want to improve the glory of your house. This tiny one can give you small fruits and leaves and a feel of the Gulliver’s island in your home.

Whether you don’t use any external fertilizers or pesticides for faster growth, it may damage the plant and even poisons the fruits. Instead, you can use natural manure such as cow dung for its development.

Medicinal benefits of Mulberry Tree

Medicinal benefits of Mulberry Tree

In Ayurveda, mulberry is known as nectar fruit. Extremely sweet, it's among the few fruits which contain vitamins in addition to protein. It provides fruits in March-April. The silkworm also eats the leaves of the tree and gives us quite expensive silk.

Mulberry fruit is as yummy in food because it's healthy. There are several advantages of mulberry in Ayurveda. Vitamin A and phosphorus can be present in abundance in mulberry.

Mulberry fruit is as yummy in food because it's healthy. There are many advantages of mulberry in Ayurveda. Vitamin A and phosphorus can be present in abundance in mulberry. There usually are two kinds of mulberry. Mulberry is a fruit That Lots of people like to consume raw and if some are ripe.

The mulberry tree is helpful to enhance digestion power. A patient suffering from the flu or fever, then just by the intake of mulberry, you can cure them at your home (Well Played Pharma!)

Apart from that, it’s helpful to cure many urine-related diseases; it’s better to take advice from an Ayurveda expert. Like, if you want to enhance your vision, or you’re tired of wearing that boring glasses and made fun of this, then use this tree to solve your problem permanently.

During the summer season, the intake of mulberry extracts is suggested because it reduces the chances of hit by summer heat. Cure wounds, bleeding and etching asap with this tree. Just boil the mulberry leaves for a few minutes and intake to cure soar throat.

Some severe diseases related to the kidney and liver should be permanently cured with the help of this tree.

Where to buy mulberry tree

white mulberry tree

Tuti or shahtoot (शहतूत) tree can be available easily in your nearby plant nursery. If you’re unable to find one, many e-commerce websites offer you to get your plant delivered to your home. Some sites are Amazon, Flipkart, Nurserylive, and Plants guru.

Side effects and precautions

There are always two sides of a story, and in terms of mulberry - it’s still there. By the way, Peepal and the Sycamore tree are the purest forms of nature without any side effects; so must read those articles as well.

In terms of mulberry, the higher doses may cause diseases like faintness, malaria, swelling, and constipation. On a side, it’s used to cure high blood pressure; the more elevated amount may be the reason for hypertension, exhaustion, moist skin, shadowy sight, fainting, and allergies. 

Frequently asked questions

dwarf mulberry tree

Here’re some of the most asked questions regarding this tree. If you aren’t able to found your question, then you can ask in the comments section.

Can you eat mulberry tree berries?

Yes, Mulberry berries can be eaten as they also have health benefits. But always assure that overeating ripped berries can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Why are mulberry trees illegal?

Mulberry trees are banned in Tucson, Arizona, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, and El Paso. The rest of the countries are safe to plant.

Why are mulberries so expensive?

The mulberry tree is used to make mulberry silk that is used to make expensive clothes. This silk is the highest quality silk for commercial purposes.

Are mulberry trees poisonous?

No, in contrast, it has many positive health benefits.

Are mulberry trees poisonous to dogs?

No, this tree is not poisonous at all.


So finally, you are here! Congratulations because now you’ve each required information regarding this tree. Tree Website always tries to provide the best content to you and highlight the underrated natural resources of trees that can cure severe diseases nearly for free and hidden by big companies.

Our motive is to raise your vibrations and let you know that our nature and the human body have enough capability to cure any disease. So, in the end, hope you’ve found this article informative. If you’ve any query regarding the article, or you want us to write on a specific tree, then please let us know by sounding off in the comments section.

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