[2021] Gulmohar Tree: Benefits, Uses, Images and so on

Glorify your garden with an exceptional beautiful flowering Gulmohar tree. Tree Website will show you one more tree to add to your collection for untold benefits. Ayurveda has myriad solutions for most of our diseases through natural resources. Trees provide us with Wood and oxygen and contain chemicals, herbs, and helpful substances to help us be cured.

gulmohar tree

In this article, we’ll talk about the peacock tree, aka Gulmohar, and find out every corner of information feed within this tree. So without any further ado, let’s jump towards the helpful content.

What is Gulmohar Tree

During summer, this tree is filled up with Gulmohar flowers. With its unique beauty, it includes ingredients to offer us medicinal benefits. In India, This is considered a sacred tree.

gulmohar tree

This tree has two types:

  • Yellow Gulmohar, and
  • Red Gulmohar

The benefits vary differently on each tree. The scientific name of this tree is Delonix regia. This tree is famous for its glory and blossoms especially. And It’s the duty of the Tree Website to let you know about myriad types of unique trees.

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The guide for Plantation

plant gulmohar tree

The best season to plant this tree is the monsoon. First of all, for the plantation of seeds, uncover the topmost layer of seeds; this process is called Scarification. The uncovered seeds will help to boost the growth speed of the plant.

The soil that provides balminess and subzero temperature should be the most suitable for the growth of this tree. In simple words, the soil of tropical areas is a good source. Then, it’s not recommended, but you can use natural fertilizers to enhance the speedy growth of the plant.

Basically, Gulmohar can grow during the monsoon season, but a reasonable amount of sunlight is vital for tree growth. After the perfect plantation, you’d be able to see blossoms from April to May as per the Indian calendar.

The ripping and chopping of the plant during the preliminary phases would be a better way of faster growth. As it grows 5 feet annually, the caring of this tree will not be too difficult for you in the future. Just take care initially.

Medicinal benefits of Gulmohar tree?

medicinal benefits and uses of gulmohar tree

Delonix regia contains myriads of unexpected medicinal benefits that can cure your severe problems in a finger-snap. Some of these benefits are:

1. Cure diarrhea

In the event the diarrhea isn't quitting because of meals and food imbalance, subsequently carrying 1-2 g powder of stem bark powder assists in treating nausea and diarrhea.

2. Cure Baldness and hair loss

Grinding the leaves of Gulmohar in warm water and implementing it on the mind offers relief in baldness or indigestion. Mixing honey at the powder of its bark and carrying it in the mouth also cures mouth ulcers fast.

3. Cure Menstrual Cramp

Eating 2-4 g of powder Gulmohar blossom with honey is valuable from menstrual ailments, especially in menstrual disorders.

4. Cure Leucorrhoea

Taking 1-2 g of berry powder and blossom powder of yellowish Gulmohar offers relief from the treatment of leucorrhoea.

5. Cure Piles

Grind yellow Gulmohar leaves milk and then use it on piles, so it offers relief from hemorrhoids.

6. Cure gout pain

Implementing ground leaves of yellowish Gulmohar from rheumatism and also making a decoction of the leaves gives relief from the pain brought on by rheumatism.

7. Cure scorpion poison

Grinding the origin of yellowish Gulmohar and implementing it to the chosen area lowers the toxic, toxic outcomes.

These are some of the benefits of Gulmohar, that’s not enough, there are many other benefits also but if we include all of them then the article will become too long.

How to use it?

gulmohar tree height

After knowing the benefits and uses of this tree, it’s vital to understand how you can use it properly. The Gulmohar flower and Gulmohar bark are the most valuable parts of the tree. It is always better to take the advice of someone professional. And in this context, an Ayurvedic doctor would help you. According to the help, 2-4 g of powder or 1-2 g of stem bark powder could be obtained.

Commercial uses of Gulmohar tree

Gulmohar is a well-known name in the commercial industry. The Gulmohar wood has a calorific value of 4600 Kilocalorie per kilogram and is used as fuel. The Gulmohar flowers are used for bee forage production.

Apart from that, It’s also used in textile and tablet manufacturing industries because this tree offers thick water. The seeds are used in making beads because they are a bit harder than other seeds (That’s why plantation after ripping is suggested). Also, these seeds are used in making pangam oil.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the Gulmohar tree called in English?

Royal Poinciana

2. What are the benefits of the Gulmohar tree?

Cure diarrhea, Baldness and hair loss, Menstrual Cramp, Leucorrhoea, Piles, gout pain, scorpion poison, etc.

3. How do I get Gulmohar seeds?

You can buy seeds online through E-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. In local, you can visit any nearby plant nursery.

4. Is the Gulmohar tree poisonous?

It’s not poisonous, but higher intake may cause problems. As we know, the seeds of apple contain cyanide, and bananas contain radiation; if you eat them a level over, then it’d probably take your life. Similarly, Gulmohar leaves have mimosine that is unhealthy for higher consumption.

5. Does Gulmohar have a fragrance?

Yes, its flowers have a pleasing fragrance that attracts birds towards it. It’d be the best alternative to decorate your garden.


So eventually, you are here! Now you have all the required information regarding this tree. Now you are ready to plant a tree on yourself. Apart from that, we’ve already discussed its exceptional medicinal benefits that pharma industries never pretend to reveal. Next time whenever needed, cure yourself with the help of trees; and that’s our motive to make you nature friendly.

Hope you’ve found this article informative. If you’ve any query regarding any tree or want us to write articles on a specific tree, let us know by sounding off in the comments section. Enjoy!

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