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Fir tree: What are the Fir tree uses and benefits

Fir tree: What are the Fir tree uses and benefits

The fir tree is the most demanded element of the Christmas festival, known as the Christmas tree. Apart from its glory and usefulness, it also has many medicinal benefits. There are almost 14 types of fir trees that we’ll discuss in further paras on Tree website.

fir tree

It is famous globally for its beauty and always came first to mind when we remember snowfall. It is also known as the god of the forest.

In the United States, 350 million trees of this species have been grown in 15 thousand farms due to high demand.

In this article, we’re going to cover every aspect of this tree to provide you a complete roundup of it from each corner. So without any further ado, let’s start reading!

Types of fir tree

types of fir tree

There is a total of 14 types of fir trees.

  1. Noble Fir
  2. Silver fir tree
  3. Fraser Fir
  4. Subalpine Fir
  5. Himalayan Fir
  6. Grand Fir
  7. Balsam Fir
  8. Red Fir
  9. Korean Fir
  10. Caucasian Fir
  11. Silver Fir
  12. Spanish Fir
  13. White Fir
  14. Douglas fir tree

There are still some other types, but most of them are included in the same species, so don’t get confused. These 14 are mainly recognized.

types of fir tree

Fir tree identification

The identification of this tree is a bit complex due to its various types of species. As usual, you can recognize it by Christmas tree, but conflict occurs when you try to compare species.

The balsam fir tree is used for making paper. The height of this tree is about 50 to 90 feet, usually found in the areas of Native America.

fir tree identification

In the eastern United States, the 40 feet tall Fraser species are being favored.

Identifying Abies grandis, aka grand fir, is easy because it’s a bit different. These reddish 3-inch cones attract buyers at Christmas time.  As its name suggests, it grows up to 250 feet.

The Himalayan fir is used for various medicinal purposes, and its oil is used to cure colds and nasal congestion. This 100 feet heightened tree grows in India.

After all, there’s no pinpointed way to differentiate between them; keep an eye that where you are standing. If you sit to distinguish between them, then it makes no sense.

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Fir tree uses and benefits

The fir woods are used to make rough timber and plywood.

This tree usually doesn’t get to go for external use, but it can be the best alternative to make indoor appliances like drywall. This tree is unsuitable for outside services.

Most of those species are used for decorative purposes, especially on Christmas Eve as Christmas trees.

It is also used as food plants for caterpillars of some Lepidoptera species.

It is also used as food plants to feed caterpillars that help them to produce raw silk.

In Ayurveda, its fruit, root, and wood are used as health benefits. Now let’s talk about what are the medicinal benefits of fir tree:

fir tree uses and benefits

Cure headache

Not only headache, but it’ll also cure throat and nose illness altogether. Just take the use of humming oil that could be produced by fruit part.

Stop nose bleeding

You may get amazed, but smoking the excretion of fir tree can cure nose secretion. It’s a severe disease people suffer, especially during high or low weather.

Helpful for goiter

Apply the coating of fir and indriyan for instant cure from goiter.

Cure ear pain

Applying one or two drops of fir’s oil can provide you instant relief from ear pain.

Cure cough

Drinking mixed with maricha, ginger, yawakshar, and peepal in fir oil drops helps relieve cough with mucus.

Cure Diabetes

People think that diabetes is a severe issue. Still, today you’ll be shocked by knowing that it's a straightforward problem and can be cured permanently in a significantly less span. In previous articles, we’ve already discussed some methods. Here is the next one:

Drink 10 to 20 ML of Fir’s extracts (oil drops) a day. You’ll be shocked by the results received in a significantly less period.

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Cure Arthritis

Grind and apply it to the joints (in the place of arthritis), and your disease will be cured.

Cure wounds

Its oil extracts will boost the immune and offers instant recovery from wounds.

Cure pimples

Tired of applying different creams and powders and getting no benefit? Well, using synthetic chemicals may give you instant help, but it boosts the aging process. So here is the best alternative:

- Fir’s oil.

medicinal benefits of fir tree

The list is too long, but I’m leaving here to move to the following points. Otherwise, the list of Mother Nature never ends.

How to plant a fir tree

While planting, you’ve to take care of Fir tree growing conditions, including soil type, location, climate, sunlight, etc.

But there are no such complexions for it. The best part of this tree is that it can grow on almost any type of soil except hard-packed clay soil.

It is a big tree, so make sure that there were no other plants at some distance that inhibit its growth.

Dig a hole, plant the tree, remove rocks and other things. Make soil friable. Water the tree twice a day.

That’s it!

Where do fir trees grow

People always ask a question that is the Fir tree grows in which area?

It is found in Asia, Afghanistan, North Baluchistan, and the Himalayas the world.

In India, it is found in Uttarakhand - the north-western Himalayas, up to a height of 1800–3600 meters.

Apart from that, we’ve already discussed which species of this tree grows in which area.

Most of its species are found in America or Native America and are used for decoration purposes, especially Christmas as a Christmas tree.


So here you are! If you reached here, congratulations, you’re at the top 1 percent population who spends their time learning.

Now you’ve all the information regarding Fir tree from identification to the plantation. We’ve discussed a lot of medicinal benefits that you’re going to use in daily life.

Hope you’ve understood that nature has provided us enough things to survive without any harmful artificial metals and liquids (inside it).

Also, if you do regular exercise, yoga, pranayama, etc., none of the diseases will touch you. And the world now understands their benefit as well.

Hope you’ve found this article informative. If you’ve any queries, we can solve them – Just let us know by sounding off in the comments section below. Thanks J


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