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parijat tree

Parijat Tree: Our nature has gifted us too many unrecognized products that can be used to solve most of our issues. Parijat tree is one of the gifts. Where trees are responsible for the survival of humanity and all other living races on earth, some trees offer astonishing medical benefits.

Either it’s used to make furniture, plucking fruits, or provide shelter, trees never leave any stone unturned. Most of the chronic diseases hyped nowadays can be easily under-controlled by the proper use of trees.

Parijat doesn’t have only medical or regular benefits, but it’s also used for worship. There are many religious stories that we are going to cover in this article and all other benefits. Hope sure you are excited to get to know those terms. So without equivocate, let’s jump into the article.

What is Parijat Tree?

parijat tree flower

Parijat is referred to as several names like coral jasmine tree, the night-flowering jasmine, Nyctanthes arbor-tristis, Shiuli, etc. The height of this tree varies from approximately 15-25 feet. One interesting fact about this tree is that the flowers of this tree automatically fall every night. People believe the tree offers its flowers own itself to devote to temples.

People also refer to parijat as Kalpa vriksha; in Vedic contexts, it means Wish fulfillment tree. Nobody has ever seen the growing flower of this tree; there is a superstition that he will achieve great grand success in life if one can see.

Apart from mythology, there are many medical benefits of this tree according to modern science that we will discuss in the forthcoming paras. In India, this tree separates its role from decades. Ancestors used to worship this tree as they know about the benefits in some context.

Mystery of parijat tree barabanki

parijat tree barabanki

There is a unique parijat tree situated in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, India. The mysterious fact about this tree is that it’s the only tree of this species 45 feet longer. Where an average parijat tree has the capability of 15-25 feet, this tree has broken the record.

Apart from that, this tree has a width of 50 feet and is the single tree of this species worldwide.

Let’s hear a famous story about this tree. 5000-6000 Years ago, Narad muni gifted the flowers of this tree to Lord Krishna that who passed it to her wife, Rukmani. When the Satyabhama (second wife of Krishna) knew that he had given all the flowers to Rukamani, she became quite angry and demanded a whole tree for the garden.


So Narad Muni tried to borrow a tree, but Lord Indra (God of rain, also king of devtas) not permitted him that. Hence, Krishna attacked heaven for the tree and won after beating Lord Indra. Due to this misbehavior, India cursed the tree that there will be no fruits there.

Also, to teach a lesson to Satyabhama, Krishna played a trick with his power that all the flowers always drop in Rukmani’s garden. That’s the reason why Parijat Tree’s flower falls a distance away from the tree.

Features of Parijat Tree

parijat tree leaves benefits

After listening to a wonderful, exciting story, let’s talk about some unique features of the Parijat tree. As we already know that Parijat’s flowers don’t fall directly inside the tree shelter, instead, it loses a distance away.
The flowers of Parijat always grow at night. This tree has a lot of medical benefits and has a respective fanbase in Indian culture. There are a lot of ancient stories related to this tree.

During the Samundra Manthan (A process of shaking the sea to receive beneficial things), Goddess Laxmi and Parijat both had originated. As Laxmi is the goddess of wealth, it’s believed that this tree attracts wealth.

The flowers of this tree include several benefits and are also used in every prayer.

The origin story of Parijat


One story we have already discussed that how this tree had originated while Samundra Manthan as Ratna (Unique thing). But many different stories create a conflict between two people of the same religion.

But one thing is clear that our ancestors probably understood the importance of this tree but failed to teach the upcoming generation. That’s why they used to derive such things in the form of a story. So who is stopping us from enjoying stories? Let’s read it aloud.

Parijat tree was named after a princess who had fallen in love with Lord Surya (God of Sun). Lord Surya didn’t accept her proposal, and she had committed suicide. Then this tree was originated from the tomb of the parijat princess.

Not impressed? Right! Quiet funny enough. Let me tell you one more story. But you know it a quiet either.

Once Lord Indra became wealth inferior due to the curse of a monk – Durvasa. Due to the curse, the happiness of heaven had gone; hence all gods had decided to meet Lord Vishnu to ask for help. Then he suggested they emit Samundra Manthan with the help of devils.

Along with 14 other Ratna like Goddess Laxmi, Moon, Wine, Wish fulfillment tree, etc. Parijat had also originated.

Medical benefits of Parijat tree

parijat tree benefits

The Parijat shrub has many medicinal properties and may be utilized as a home remedy for any range of ailments. Its blossoms are great for the heart; its leaves are blended with honey to heal cough and various skin diseases. It's also employed for the identification of piles.

The parijat tree has many medical properties that can be used to cure several types of diseases. Our nature has provided us enough facilities that we don’t require any artificial supplements that’ll cause a negative impact in the future.

In the last article, we discussed how the Peepal tree could cure cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, malaria, etc. If you’ve not read that article, then click here to read. Now we are going to discuss the benefits of the Parijat tree.

It can be used to manage anxiety, prevent dental and digestive diseases, heal various skin illnesses, cough, and identify piles. If we talk about parijat tree leaves benefits, it can cure several heart diseases. Let’s talk about every part separately.


Decocting parijat leaves could cure worm infections, arthritis-like dangerous diseases, fever, and coughs.


The stem of this tree is used to cure malaria and treat joint pain.


These magical aromatic flowers contain some unique medical properties that could cure respiratory functions and gastric complaints.

Ayurveda had treated thousands of patients using this tree and is the founder of its unique properties. Nowadays, medical science has also forced attention due to the specialty of this tree, so let’s find them out one by one.

Cure fever

This antipyretic and antioxidant plant can cure various diseases, including Chikungunya, dengue, and malaria. Along with increasing your immunity, this tree can also inhibit bacterial growth.

Boil one spoon of leaf extract into two glasses of water until it is dried in half. Now Extract parijat oil and mix it up with olive oil. Just rubbing this solution beneath your leg can reduce your body heat and cure diseases instantly.

Cure knee pain

Apply six drops of parijat oil extraction mixed up with coconut oil to the affected area. It’ll be an effective alternative to any anti-septic cream as it’ll permanently cure your pain in just some hour.

Cure cough

If you are suffering from issues like cough and cold, then parijat will be your buddy. Take ginger with leaves and blossoms of this tree and then sizzle it for seven minutes. After that, add a bit of honey into the solution before the intake.

Anti-bacterial and Immunity enhancer properties

Parijat concludes ethanol with it. The oil of this tree is helpful to cure bacterial damages and also to inhibit parasitic growth.

Grind twenty-five leaves in one glass of water and boils until it becomes half a glass. Take this solution thrice a day an hour before eating for two months. Your immunity will become like a lion, and not a single disease will enter your body.

Encourage hair nourishment

Tired of using several infectious chemicals or so-called Shampoo and conditioners? Mother Nature has already gifted you this fantastic tree.

The parijat seeds cure hair parasites and dandruff permanently in just a few times of usage. Parijat flowers strengthen hairs and stop hair falling problems in just a few times of use. So forget your chemicals and get in the canopy of Mother Nature.

Cure Blood sugar

According to Ayurveda, Just like peepal, Parijat flower extracts can be used to control diabetes permanently.


So finally, you are here! Congratulations, because now you know everything about the Parijat tree and are ready to be your doctor. We have discussed mysteries, stories, and medical benefits related to this tree. Now it’s your obligation to make use of this tree properly.

Hope you have enjoyed this article. If you've any queries concerning this article, let us know by sounding off in the comments section. Share this knowledge with your family members and friends to enjoy a jungle safari in the future where you help them be cured using this splendid tree. Thanks for reading.

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